Traveling, safely, in the time of COVID

Traveling, safely, in the time of COVID

With the holidays approaching and COVID numbers going up across the country – traveling for the holidays is becoming more complicated. The CDC is recommending people stay home, but if you have to travel, here are a few things to think about. 

Get tested. 

Many universities, concerned about sending students home for the holidays, have opted for testing. The recommendation is to test 72 hours before students depart, and students are testing positive will be expected to self-quarantine at the school

Plan your trip.

How you travel is important. Airplanes and Trains pose more risk than traveling by car as the virus recirculates in the enclosed space. The more time spent with the same people in the more chance of infection – if you must travel by plane or train, make sure everyone is wearing a mask. 

Research the rules and check the numbers.

Many states are requesting visitors to self-quarantine upon arrival – whether you are staying in someone’s home or going to a hotel. Some states have mandatory mask legislation with fines for those who don’t obey the rules. Know before you go. Check out the guidelines for the states you will be traveling to or through.

Opt for an RV

Consider a road trip and rent an RV – you will have control over your home environment and limit time spent with friends and family. 

Behavior is important! 

Wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands, avoid contact with anyone who is ill, and avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth, and make sure those around you do too. Remember, each time you open your bubble to include people who are not part of your household; you add risk. Communication is key 

Ask questions.

Will those you are traveling to wear masks and social distance? Will masks be worn, and social distancing observed at the hotel or home you are visiting? Several sites are looking at which hotels are adhering to CDC regulations – before you make reservations make sure their precautions are inline with your expectations

Consider a preemptive quarantine. 

If you must travel, and if you will be spending time with individuals in high-risk groups, consider a preemptive quarantine for 14 days, the incubation period for COVID, before you travel. 

Plan your trip, research your mode of travel, and the regulations in place at your destination. Talk to those you are traveling with and traveling to — understand what precautions they are taking. And most of all, be respectful of others wish to limit their exposure and risk of contracting COVID. 

Be smart; be safe. 

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