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Pros and Cons for Joining a Homeowners Association

A Homeowners association, or “HOA”, is a community of homeowners who abide to a governed structure formed by the neighborhood. It’s an association created to care for the neighborhood formed by the residents within that community. The association maintains and cares for the integrity of the community, similar how...

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Perfect Summer Recipes

Now that the weather is warming up (perhaps a little too warm this year), it’s time to air out the house, mow our lawns, and most importantly: clean our grills. Besides warmer weather, this sensational season brings out the best in summer cuisine and all the refreshing flavors we’ve...

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Traveling, safely, in the time of COVID

With the holidays approaching and COVID numbers going up across the country – traveling for the holidays is becoming more complicated. The CDC is recommending people stay home, but if you have to travel, here are a few things to think about. Get tested. Many universities, concerned about sending...

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