3 Tips To Start Your Investment Venture Today

3 Tips To Start Your Investment Venture Today

1 Purchase

The benefit of purchasing a low-cost property is a low investment and the yields are consistent. Get a routine of purchasing one or two low-value properties a year and 10 years down the line you’ll have accumulated over a dozen of them. Hire a management company and sit back as the rent comes in every month.

2 Fix It Up

If you invest in a property that needs work to be done you can do yourself, then fix it up yourself. Living in an investment property that needs minimal things fixed for a short time period can net you thousands of dollars in savings and hundreds more down the line with future investment properties. The savings can net you the opportunity to invest in another property with cash saved from doing things yourself.

3 Joint Venture

Like yourself, others are looking for the right opportunity to invest. Find a deal and secure it with a contractual clause. Meet an investor and let them know you have a deal and just need the funds for a short period of time, while the flip is split between both of you. Call around and you’ll be sure to find more than enough people to invest in the deal you want to get.

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